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 Disability Living Allowance

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PostSubject: Disability Living Allowance   Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:25 pm

for anyone wishing to apply for Disability Living Allowance. this can be done online . but be advised this takes a lot of time . you can also request them to be sent by post as [which i will post the link at end ]and quite a lot of the time u will be refused but u can appeal . which u could still be refused but keep trying .my doctor told me they will require results from a mri scan but also a cct scan will be accepted .on appeals they sometimes send there own doctors out to check things . but what u have to really do is tell them how u are on ur worse days .not easy cos some days are better than others further in the thread i will post what i have and how i have learned to cope with it and what helps me where one thing helps one person another is suited to somethink else look forward to hearing ur advise good luck
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Disability Living Allowance
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