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 cooking a few days dinner at a time

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PostSubject: cooking a few days dinner at a time   Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:38 pm

when im cooking sunday dinner i cook the meat on top self and bottom self o put a casserole in to cook for next day and if i am having a chicken dinner that day i cook off a whole chciken me and hubby have half and then there is half left over i make a curry sauce put the remained of chicken into it and put this all into a dish when its gone cold i freeze it for later in the week and smetimes when i cook a meat dish i cook the veg in oven as well this way u dont use more gas / electric by using the top of the stove . i asl use a slow cooker to cook meals in if i have brasing steak which takes a while to cook i put this on b4 i go to bed and then sent the time for 6 hours later to switch off and all i have to do next day is reheat the meat .
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cooking a few days dinner at a time
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